“I’m Sweet Enough”

Launching In January.....

“I’m sweet enough” is a healthy eating plan designed to cut down on your refined sugar intake for a better, healthier and fitter life.
The food you eat has a huge effect on your health and happiness. When you make a conscious effort to put healthier ‘clean’ foods into your body you will notice a major difference to how you feel. Combine this healthy eating plan with our daily workouts for maximum results. We promise by sticking to this plan you will feel energised and invigorated and in control of your life. We will not be cutting healthy fats as our bodies NEED a certain amount of fats. In fact, the exact opposite happens when we cut fats, our bodies hold onto the fat as storage.

The plan is designed specifically in FAZES to offer you a new plan to either add on or start fresh each month.  It  encourages you to try new recipes and to make the gradual changes to your life to get the best results and to ensure that you are making a lifestyle change.  This is NOT A FAD diet. This is a lifestyle change that WILL help you to lose WEIGHT, it WILL help you to live a BETTER life, it WILL make you FITTER and stronger.

By eating nutritious food, fuelling your body and cutting out sugar, you will FEEL FULLER, you will slowly STOP the cravings for sugar and stodgy food as your body is getting all the nutrition that it requires so will stop asking for that quick fix.

The effects of sugar in your body

Sticking to the plan you will gradually educate your body and mind to a healthier way of eating.

The plan is split into easy to use chapters which follow our daily meal plans. You can follow the plan and/or substitute for a sugar free meal instead or you may just be looking for inspiration and guidance.

What you will get ........

  • Healthy Eating Plan split into clear and easy to follow steps
  • HIIT Class (Video 15 mins)
  • Pilates Class (Video 15 mins)
  • Circuit Class (Video 15 mins)
  • 1 weeks Healthy eating plan already worked out for you (Print out)
  • 1 Circuit Class (FREE Class)
  • 1 Pilates Class (FREE Class)
  • FREE Subscription to the Bodyfaze Walkie Talkie walking group
  • CLOSED Facebook Support Group
  • Accountability weekly weigh in
  • BONUS: extra recipes regularly added
  • BONUS: Lifestyle Tips
  • BONUS: Wellness Tips

The Benefits of giving up sugar and the negative effects on our bodies

  • Blood Pressure fluctuations - Sugar causes glucose levels  to spike and drop.
  • Weight Gain - Well YEAH. Build up of fat in the liver leading to weight Gain as well as the added calories.
  • Bad Skin - Sugar breaks down the collagen which leads to skin ageing and wrinkles
  • Low energy levels
  • Depression
  • mood swings - this is when your levels drop after eating sugar
  • Main cause of chronic diseases
  • Cancer - High sugar intake leads to elevated levels of insulin and unregulated cell multiplication in cancerous tissues
  • Diabetes type 2
  • Dementia
  • Infertility
  • Pancreas - When you eat, your pancreas pumps out insulin. But if you’re eating way too much sugar and your body stops responding properly to insulin, your pancreas starts pumping out even more insulin. Eventually, your overworked pancreas will break down and your blood sugar levels will rise, setting you up for type 2 diabetes and heart disease.
  • Heart - the extra insulin in your bloodstream can affect your arteries.
  • Inflammation through out the body - Chronic Inflammation, caused by sugar intake, can lead to a higher risk of cancer.
  • Fatty Liver - Your Liver becomes resistant to Insulin.
  • Weakened Immune System -
  • Tooth Decay - Bacteria that causes tooth decay Love sugar.
  • Brain Function - The brain releases a chemical called dopamine (a feel-good chemical) this is what gives you the craving.
  • Joints - Studies indicate that the effects of eating too much sugar can lead to rheumatoid arthritis
  • Kidneys - The kidneys filter the blood sugar, If sugar levels are too high, then it lets it our in your urine.
  • Sexual Health - Chronically high levels of sugar in the blood stream can make men impotent.

We all know that we are eating too much sugar and that it isn't good for us. Yet you’re probably still overdoing it: We are all eating way more than the recommended 6 teaspoons for women and 9 teaspoons for men. and that's not from the natural sources in foods like milk or fruits.

The foods that we all know about are sweets, sugary drinks, baked foods, and sweetened dairy. But, sugar is everywhere, even places that you do not suspect it doesn't have to be sweet for instance, some savoury foods such as breads, tomato sauce, in fact most sauces, protein bars, dressings in salads. Even harder to spot are the sugars on labels as they do not want to tell you that there is sugar in this product, so they will list it as a number or fool you with a name,  such as sucrose, palm sugar, corn syrup, agave nectar, or cane juice  to name a few.

Quite frankly, every cell in our body is affected by sugar with very serious affects.