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Pilates and its Benefits

Pilates is a balanced exercise form which offers something for everybody regardless of age or ability.

Pilates works from the Powerhouse outwards using integrated movements connecting all the weaker areas. Therefore the whole body becomes stronger.

Pilates exercises should be performed with the 6 principles in mind which are: Breath, Centering, Control, Concentration, Precision and Flow, these are Joseph Pilates 6 principles of Pilates (his words) but there are so many more benefits as listed below.

They can be very demanding when performed correctly and for this reason there are different levels to suit the individual. Pilates is not necessarily easy! It targets the whole body, improving posture, strengthening, sculpting, stretching, re-aligning, improves flexibility, releasing the body, gives you a better sense of well-being and focuses on correcting any imbalances in the body returning the body to its natural balance.

The Pilates method is used by professional dancers, top athletes and is frequently recommended by osteopaths and physiotherapists as a rehabilitation tool.

Pilates aims to improve posture and body awareness. It is a safe and effective exercise and is suitable for all levels of fitness. Everyone can benefit from the Pilates method.

The key benefits to Pilates are:

Improved Posture

Improved Flexibility

Body Awareness

Core/Powerhouse Strength

Increased Body Strength

Improved Muscle Strength and Tone

Injury Prevention

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