What is circuit training?  Come along and have your first session FREE just for January.

by karen

What is circuit training?

The beauty of a circuit class is it is suitable for everyone. It’s fun, dynamic and motivational. It’s a very friendly and sociable group. You can work at either high or low intensity depending on you. There isn’t a front or back of class, you have your own station, no-one is watching or judging you. Likewise, you can compete with your mates next to you if you wish. If you are shy or unfit, fit or competitive there’s something for you. 

Circuit training is a whole body workout using all major and minor muscle groups. It incorporates stations which include various exercises from crunches to skipping using different disciplines from cardio to weights, core stability to flexibility also using various equipment from ropes to steps.

We vary the individual exercises each week to make sure we cover all aspects of fitness. Generally there can be anything from 16 to 20 stations. 

The circuit lasts 1hr and you are on each station typically for 30 seconds before moving on to the next station. 

Circuit training has been used for general fitness through to sports specific training. 

Our circuit classes are at:

St. Peter’s church hall, Langham Gardens, Grange Park, N21 1DN

Monday 7.15pm

£6 per class

The classes are drop in but if you would like any further information please get in touch via any of the methods below. 

Adrian 07958 330835 – Karen 07944 684232

[email protected]


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