14 Day Metabolic Blend

by karen

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Let's fire up your metabolism

Not getting the results that you once did?  Diets not work anymore? Feeling sluggish, tired and generally Bluh? Don't have time to exercise? If you just want to feel fitter and healthier, boost your metabolism, tone, gain muscle, improve your cardio in shorter workouts then this is for you.

This course is designed to kick start your metabolism and set you on fire.

Hi my names Karen and I have been in the fitness industry for over 30 years. I am a Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor and a Martial Artist. I am also 55 years old and menopausal. I have struggled with my weight all my life and have tried every diet there is, much to my bodies determent.  I still carry a few pounds more than I would like to but I am human, I embrace my body, I love life, I am fit, healthy and strong. I take no medication, suffer no joint pains, I have strong bones and I embrace every day of my life. I would love you to join me for the next 14 days to relight your fire.

The Science

As we age our metabolism can slow down. Perhaps we do not have enough time, we feel tired, work takes over and we find ourselves not being as active as we once were. We naturally start to loss muscle mass and our fat cells are distributed in more noticeable areas. Our bodies change as we get older and so should our workouts.

Metabolism is actually a very complicated process in which our bodies convert food to energy, converts food to building blocks and the elimination of waste. It is a chemical reaction within the cells of your body.

In this course you will be Blending together different exercise systems to challenge your body and set your metabolism on fire.

What you will use:
HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)


  • Uses your anaerobic system
  • performed in short bursts at high intensity with small recovery periods until you feel too tired to continue
  • improved reductions of fat mass throughout the body.
  • improved athletic performance
  • burns calories during and after the workout due to elevated metabolism
  • increase RMR (resting metabolic rate) (burning calories after the workout)
  • short Sharp intermittent sessions means not having to spend ours in the gym. So saves on time
  • requires high levels of oxygen
  • improves circulation
  • helps reduce depression
  • stimulate bone growth
Circuit Training / Aerobics


  • uses multiple body parts
  • uses different energy systems
  • works the whole body
  • works on endurance
  • uses weight training and cardiovascular training
  • improves Cardio
  • longer periods at lower intensity
  • works the aerobic metabolism.
  • ability to use the maximum amount of oxygen during exercise
  • efficiency of lung function
  • haemoglobin and red blood cells increase
  • can delay osteoporosis
  • increase in muscle mass
  • a loss of fat with eating healthily
  • increase in bone density
  • reduce blood pressure
  • helps reduce depression
Strength Training


  • improves muscular hypertrophy, muscle mass
  • improves strength
  • builds endurance
  • increase bone density
  • increase metabolism
  • increased ligament, muscle and tendon strength
  • improves joint function
  • skeletal adaptions occur
  • many body function benefits
  • reduce potential risk of injury
  • primarily anaerobic
  • Use body weight and weights
  • helps reduce depression


  • movement based Exercises
  • strengthens your core
  • gives you a supple spine
  • body weight exercises
  • flexibility
  • improves strength
  • improves breath
  • relaxing
  • strengthening
  • improves posture
Pilates Barre


  • mostly standing Pilates moves
  • tones
  • challenges
  • gets on a sweat
  • strengthens
  • stretches
  • movement based
  • improves posture
Stretch, Relax & Breathe


  • breath work for whole body health
  • for pelvic health
  • for digestion
  • for calmness
  • for relaxation
  • for sleep
  • for brain health
How it works!

Daily for the next 14 days you will receive direct to your email, a 30 minute workout blend for 10 days designed to kick start your metabolism, 2 days rest and 2 days sport + a lifestyle challenge. You will sweat, tone, stretch and relax. The workouts are only 30 minutes long.

What you will receive

  • The 3 workouts a day presented to you in both video and written form.
  • 10 minutes HIIT, Circuit, Kickboxing, Cardio Workouts
  • 10 minutes Tone, Pilates, Pilates Barre, Light weights
  • 10 minutes Stretch, Relax & Breath.

a 14 day 30 minutes a day workout routine designed to be short but effective.

The exercises will be presented to you both in Video and written format. Every day for 14 days you will receive direct into our email the next workout for you to complete.


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Daily Challenge Included with this 14 day course  (some will include a downloadable PDF)


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Are you Ready?

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