3 Common Goal Setting Mistakes

by karen

Mistake no. 1

Focusing too much on the goal but not how to get there.

Make a plan or a list of things that will help you to get there. The small things all add up. What are you going to do to achieve that goal? How can you achieve that goal? By making a daily or weekly list and hang it somewhere where you will see it often will help you to focus on what needs to be done.

Mistake no. 2

Setting goals that are unrealistic

" I want to lose 3 stone in 4 weeks"  No. 1 is that healthy, No.2 How are you going to do that? You should set yourself a more attainable goal. Start by losing your first 3lbs and celebrate that, then the next 3lbs, then the next.  By setting a goal that is unrealistic, you are setting yourself up for a failure.

Mistake no. 3

All or nothing

They starve themselves for the first week and then are so hungry they will practically eat a horse. (Well actually it's usually a sugar frenzy).  Your body is used to having all that food and then you expect it to survive on nothing. Nope that's not going to happen and this has all sorts of other health and hormonal imbalance problems.  This is totally unsustainable and again, setting yourself up for a fail. Start

Set yourself realistic, attainable and healthy goals. 

Write them down, journal, take pictures, train with a buddy, get yourself a personal trainer 😉

Start every day as if it is a new day on a positive.

Was this helpful? I hope so. We are here for you. We are in your corner and cheering you on.

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