7 Ways to Improve Your Gut Health

by karen

Improving your healthy gut bacteria is essential for hormone balance and to ward of many disease and illnesses.

Hippocrates once said "All disease begins in the gut" and more and more research suggests that this is true.

You gut is the portal to the outside world and the more healthy gut bacteria we have, the better chance we have to help fight the bad guys.

So what can we do to help the good guys?


7 Ways to improve your Gut Health

Eat a Nutrient Dense Diet

Eating Nutrient Dense foods helps with digestion. Good bacteria needs feeding too. Eating foods high in nutrients will feed your good gut bacteria, helping them to fight the bad bacteria which causes illness and disease.

Eat more Fibre

Eating more Fibre can help with digestion, makes you feel fuller and helps prevent constipation

Eat more pro-biotics and pre-biotics

Research suggests that taking pro-biotics  can support a healthy gut and that they may help prevent inflammation and other intestinal problems

Cut down on your stress

There are strong links between the gut and brain health. Research suggests that stress can have the same affect on our bodies as a high fat diet.

Exercise more

Exercise gets everything moving. By exercising you are massaging the stomach and helping  with digestion.

Get more sleep

Your body repairs and renews when we sleep. If you are not getting a good nights sleep, your body is unable to heal.

Drink more water

Drinking more water helps lubricate your intestines aiding digestion and elimination.