Meno Maze Support Group

Meno Maze Online Subscription Support Group
£12.97 / month
For every 3rd FAZE Woman - peri to post menopause

Online Support Group
Monthly Lifetime Subscription
Only £12.97 per month (less than 44p a day)
Help with all menopausal symptoms
Covering Weekly subjects
Weight Management
GP advice
HRT Discussions
Moods & Anxiety
Hot Flashes & Night Sweats
Be part of a wonderful POSITIVE group of like minded women.


HELPING the 3rd age woman safely reconnect, strengthen, rebuild and take control of their bodies.

In this AMAZING online support group, we hope to educate you so that you can reconnect with YOUR body during the 3rd age. We will give you strategies to positively change your life. We will teach you safe and EFFECTIVE exercises. This support group will EMPOWER you to take ownership of the 3rd Age.

Following on from the FREE CONTENT on our facebook page, You will join a SECRET Facebook Group and meet with other women and we will go MUCH, MUCH DEEPER.

This course is for you if you want to.....

  • Feeling Low and generally BLUH
  • Experiencing Hot Flashes/ Night Sweats
  • Have unusually achy or painful joints
  • Want to improve your fitness, burn belly fat and FEEL AMAZING.
  • Understand WHY you are so tired and lethargic
  • If you have difficulty holding your wee and WHAT to do about it
  • UNDERSTAND why you have brain fog and forgetful
  • Why have you lost your labido.
  • Why is Sex painful.
  • Know what is happening to YOUR BODY during peri  to post menopause and actively do something about it.
  • Move better, reconnect with your body

What will we be covering?


  • All aspects of menopause from symptoms to treatments
  • Get to know your Hormones
  • Weight Loss
  • Foods you should be eating
  • HRT
  • Libido
  • Self Care
  • What to ask your doctor
  • How to deal with stress
  • How to move better
  • Pelvic Floor health
  • Breathing
  • Nutrition.
  • Exercise
  • And so MUCH MORE

What else can I expect?

  • The benefits of functional exercise and movement
  • Workout Videos
  • Delicious recipes that are nutrient dense.
  • Strategies for stress relief
  • Challenges
  • Exercise diary PDF
  • Video Tips and exercise ideas
  • Facebook secret group for support, questions and advice

For only £12.97 easy monthly payments.

Who will be teaching you?

Karen Browne and if you have any questions that may not be within my knowledge I have a large contact base of professionals to help.


Please get in touch to express your interest in the course and get an early bird booking before anyone else.

What results can you EXPECT....

A new, revitalised, happy, go get the world woman.


Choose your one FREE gift when you sign up .........

  • 1 FREE circuit class - location Enfield
  • 1 FREE personal training session - Location Enfield
  • 1 x 15 minute low impact HIIT workout video download
  • 1 x snack recipe

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Is this for YOU?

If you are a woman of 35+, then it's probably for you. All women go through menopause and Peri-menopause can start from the age of 35. If you are having fluctuating symptoms monthly then you are in peri menopause and getting to know what is happening and what yu should do about it will make your symptoms easier to cope with.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes of course, you will only have access for as long as you are subscribing. To cancel you just log into your account.

How do I join the group?

Once you have subscribed you will be sent a link to the secret Facebook group and ll you have to do is request to join through the link.

What happens in the group?

Each week we will cover a different subject, exercises, recipes and advice regarding Menopause which will allow you to chat to the other group members.


I was suffering all the symptoms and felt aweful. Worst was the hot flashes, very low moods, extremely tired and my joints were incredibly painful.  After having a consultation with Karen, she advised me to make some lifestyle changes and she equipped me with the right questions to ask my GP.  I am now on HRT patches and nearly all of my symptoms have disappeared. Karen has advised me to go back to see if my GP can tweak my HRT to suit me. I am so grateful and feel iv'e got my life back

KAREN has been in the fitness industry for over 30 years.  Karen is a keen martial artist holding a Black Belt, She is a qualified Pilates instructor, Pilates Barre, Boxing Instructor, Holds Circuit classes, Peri-Post Menopause, Pelvic Floor Health and wants to continue to do Meno Strength qualification.

"Menopause hit me like a truck due to stress and hitting the age of 50 and having been very fit saw changes that were hard to recognise as me. I had brain fog, I was very forgetful and the weight piled on. I thought I couldn't continue, this scared me and was my turning point. I knew I needed to do something but felt very alone and so I educated myself to turn my life around. I could not go on like this for another 40 years or so. I DO feel better, in fact sometimes I feel amazing. I definitely have the old me back, there's work to do BUT I am me again and I hope to get that back for you too".