Bodyfaze Meno Maze


HELPING the 3rd age woman safely reconnect, strengthen, rebuild and take control of their bodies.

In this AMAZING 10 week course we hope to educate you so that you can reconnect with YOUR body during the 3rd age. We will give you strategies to positively change your life. We will teach you safe and EFFECTIVE exercises. This course will EMPOWER you to take ownership of the 3rd Age.

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This course is for you if you want to.....

  • know what is happening to YOUR BODY during (peri) menopause and actively do something about it.
  • Improve your fitness, burn fat and FEEL AMAZING.
  • Understand WHY you are so tired and lethargic
  • If you have difficulty holding your wee and WHAT to do about it
  • UNDERSTAND why you have brainfog and forgetful
  • Move better, reconnect with your body


What will we be covering?


  • Your Hormones
  • How to move better
  • Pelvic Flow health
  • Breathing
  • Nutrient
  • Exercise

What else can I expect?

  • The benefits of functional exercise and movement
  • Delicious recipes that are nutrient dense.
  • Strategies for stress relief
  • Weekly challenges
  • Exercise diary PDF
  • Video Tips and exercise ideas
  • Facebook closed group for support, questions and advice

Who will be teaching you?

Karen Browne and if you have any questions that may not be within my knowledge i have a large contact base of professionals to help.


Please get in touch to express your interest in the course and get an early bird booking before anyone else.

What results can you EXPECT....

A new, revitalised, happy, go get the world woman.


Choose your FREE gift when you sign up .........

  • 1 FREE circuit class - location Enfield
  • 1 FREE personal training session - Location Enfield
  • 1 x 15 minute low impact HIIT workout video download
  • 1 x snack recipe

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