Clicky Hips?

by karen


ANATOMY NERDS - Why does my Hip Click?
If you missed this in the Pilates class or Whatsapp group, here is an excellent video explanation for you. CLICK HERE or sign into our facebook group.
Clicky Hips? This often arises in class and is usually caused by a tendon flicking across a bone and is nothing to worry about unless you experience pain, although the sound can be quite unnerving.  The Psoas muscle is probably the culprit.
Your Psoas muscle (hip flexor as it is sometimes referred to),is located from your lower lumbar region of the spine and extends through the pelvis to the lessor trecantor (the inner bony part of your femur). As the diagram below shows. The part that attaches to your lessor trecantor is a tendon, a flexible but inelastic cord of strong fibrous collagen tissue attaching a muscle to a bone.  Now, sometimes when you move the femur bone, it is usually this tendon that  flicks across a bone in your hip or pelvis. As long as there is no pain, there is not a problem. The sound and feeling can be quite unnerving though.

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