Intro to Pilates 5 week course


This is a 50 minute session, booked over the course of 5 weeks DEDICATED to introducing you to Pilates.

It is for complete beginners or the person who wishes to go right back to basics. To RECONNECT with their body.

Over the 5 weeks, each week we will concentrate on one of the 6 principles of Pilates, which will give YOU the foundation of ALL Pilates classes.  Using these principles in exercise and movement makes Pilates unique to all other exercises.

The 6 ESSENTIAL principles are:

BREATH - I have placed this first as I feel this is Fundamentally the most important. The Pilates Breath is wide and full and helps activate muscles and helps concentration.

CENTRING - Paying attention to the powerhouse (core) will enhance the flow of the moves. Learning how to not over-activate but control your movement.

CONCENTRATION - by focusing on your mind-body, the better connection you will have to the movements

CONTROL - There should be no forced movement. Slow and Steady in the Pilates world to gain maximum benefits.

PRECISION - Proper form is ESSENTIAL for you to gain the maximum benefits.

FLOW - All the Pilates moves should flow. They should be slow and graceful.

As well as the principles the classes will introduce you to

  • proper alignment
  • Pelvic placement
  • Head and neck placement
  • Scapular placement
  • Spinal articulation
  • 6 of the Pilates exercises.



Pilates is a form of exercise created by Joseph Pilates that safely emphasises BALANCED movement through the whole body by:

  • Learn the fundamentals of the Pilates method
  • Strengthening
  • Flowing
  • Flexibility
  • Awareness
  • Optimal neuro-muscular awareness
  • Encourages painless movement

When & Where

We will be running 2 classes


St Lukes Church Hall

37 Morley Hill




4th September

11th September

18th September

25th September

2nd October

as below:


Bush Hill Park Bowls & Tennis Club

Bush Hill Paark




5th September

12th September

19th September

26th September

3rd October

How Much?

The cost of the 5 week course will be £45 payable before the course starts. (sorry, non refundable and non transferable).

Due to the progressive nature of the course, I ask that you commit to all 5 weeks to get to MOST out of the course.

What to wear/Bring

  • Please wear loose workout clothing that is comfortable to move in but not restrictive or revealing.
  • Pilates is performed in bare feet.
  • If we experience any cold weather, then specific Pilates socks can be worn,but not recommended.
  • Mats will be provided but it is always recommended to bring your own for comfort and hygiene purposes.
  • Please bring a bottle of water.
  • Please bring a small towel.

All other equipment will be provided.


What to do next

Contact Karen

Please follow the link below to:

  • Find out more information
  • Express your interest
  • Book on the course
  • Join a waiting list for the next workshop or course.

I would love to hear from you.