Meno Maze – Empowering Women in the 3rd FAZE & helping her find her tribe


Empowering Women of the 3rd FAZE

Welcome to Meno Maze

HELPING the 3rd age woman to take back control of her body, to help her to understand the changes her body may go through and to empower her to make the necessary lifestyle changes to navigate this natural FAZE of life.

MENO MAZE is not a GP or clinical specialist, we are an online support community where members are encouraged to discuss, share, support, chat and much, much more.

Menopause is as individual as each woman is individual and we aim is to educate her so that she can reconnect with her body during the 3rd age. We will give strategies to positively change her life. We will teach her safe and EFFECTIVE exercises, nutrition and lifestyle hints and tips that can positively effect her menopausal symptoms and help her to embrace the 3rd Age.

We use evidence based resources and provide assistance as to how to seek medical advice.



MENO MAZE  ROOM 34 meet 10 months out of 12.

Each MAZE ROOM plays a unique role in providing women with education, lifestyle hacks and tips, to take part in a wide variety of activities, learn new crafts, build new skills and the chance to meet, chat & socialise.Meno Maze's Room 34's aim is to create a safe space for women to have discussions, to find support from like minded women, increase awareness of the impact of the menopause on those experiencing it, to truly help women to thrive and to start living the or best lives.




Supporting you through this life FAZE. Helping you to understand what is happening to your body and

help you to make the right choices to suit YOU.

MENO MAZE is a support community

MENO MAZE lifestyle


Hacks & Tips, Exercise & Nutrition, Arts & Crafts, Healthy Recipes & Cooking Tips, Mindfulness & Stress

are just some of the topics that we cover in our Meets and Workshops.


Hi! I'm Karen Browne

KAREN, wears a few different hats, certified Menopause Coach, she's a Personal Trainer, Midlife Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor, a Black Belt in Martial Arts and the owner of Meno Maze. She has been studying Menopause for the last 6 years. Her expertise is in fitness but has naturally evolved to embrace the whole women's lifecycle and women's wellness. She feels that all of her hats fit together to make a whole. She is continually on a learning journey and constantly studying. She is not a healer, doctor, and may not have all the answers but there is so much research out there that a community or tribe can change the world and that's exactly what she intends for this community to find those answers. If she do not have the answers she has a wealth of professionals that she seek the answers from.

"Menopause hit me like a truck due to stress and hitting the age of 50 and having been very fit saw changes that were hard to recognise as me. I had brain fog, I was very forgetful and the weight piled on. I thought I couldn't continue, this scared me and was my turning point. I knew I needed to do something but felt very alone and so I educated myself to turn my life around. I could not go on like this for another 40 years or so. I DO feel better, in fact sometimes I feel amazing. I definitely have the old me back, there's work to do BUT I am me again and I hope to get that back for you too".