We offer corporate packages for you and your staff.

 By encouraging your staff/employees to take an active interest inbodyfaze corporate
health and fitness, you can benefit from a happier, energised and more productive workforce, leading to less sick leave.

We offer a variety of one to one or group training sessions, which we have listed below.  You can choose one particular training module or choose several, which will be incorporated into one session. Just call us to discuss.

A session will usually last for one hour unless otherwise arranged. The hour session will include a warm up, cool down and stretches.

We will collect your group, office, team or club and take them to a venue pre arranged or local park at a time to suit you. The preferred group size could be between 1-15.

Types of training

  • general fitness training

  • hardcore fitness training

  • martial arts

  • self defence

  • relaxation and stretches

  • team building

  • events
  • specific sports training
  • footwork and ladder drills
  • circuit training
  • gym training
  • fitball training
  • stretch band training

Stress in the workplace

Stress is an increasingly significant issue which no company can afford to ignore. From a corporate point of view employee stress can lead to poor productivity, absenteeism, risky judgement, lower productivity and reduced operating levels, high level of staff sickness…all resulting in lower profits.

Seminars & workshops

1 day of talks, classes, assessments, Dealing with high pressure situations and fitness advice for the workplace.