Pilates for Men




From your Powerhouse outwards

your whole body will become more

mobile, flexible, agile and stronger






How does Pilates work for men?

First and foremost Joseph Pilates was a man who was a cigar smoking boxer, martial artist, gymnast, and acrobat. So he developed the exercises from his background knowledge. He designed Pilates for the athlete, the sportsman, the injured, the sedentary man and the man with no exercise history. 

Pilates is a natural cross training exercise which will heighten your balance, strength, focus, concentration and coordination. 

It is  recommended by Osteopaths, Physios and Gps around the world.

So what is Pilates?  

"Its girlie exercises isnt it" Think again.  Men you have been missing out on something very special. Women talk, Right! so we just tell each other how amazing it is and how much better we feel. 

Pilates is a whole body exercise. Various sports people are turning to Pilates to enhance their game from footballers, boxers to NFL footballers. What Pilates does for the body is enhance, strengthen, stretch and rebalance.  Building strength in the centre and realigning the body.

There are 6 distinguishing principles that are used in Pilates and these are Control, Center, Concentration, precision, flow and breath. All 6 principles are used during each and every movement. Pilates does not isolate one particular muscle. Pilates works your body with integrated moves which connect all the weaker body parts to your strong powerhouse.

In addition, Pilates improves posture. I will mention the "text neck" syndrome. Your head is actually very heavy and our lifestyle is constantly looking down. The strain on our neck and shoulders is becoming a posture nightmare. We are slumping in our computer chair. Health professionals are being overrun with people suffering bad backs.  Our powerhouses are very weak.

Depending on the focus equipment is sometimes used in the workout such as bands, balls and weights. Believe me you will be sweating at some point of the session.

Bodyfaze Pilates offers both 1:2:1, 1:2:2 and group Pilates classes in Enfield, North London and Central London.

Sessions are held in the comfort of your own home, or in our studio.

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