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Small Equipment

Small Equipment will be used for 1:2:1. 1:2:2 and in our classes.

Our classes are held in Enfield, North London.

Small equipment explores the use of dynaband, magic circle, mini ball, stability ball, weighted balls and foam roller in providing challenge or assistance in the matwork repertoire. Using the small equipment helps to specifically focus on spinal articulation, lumbo-pelvic stabilisation, and scapula-thoracic stabilisation. The use of small equipment can completely enhance and transform your whole body experience.   The small equipment can replicate classic movements from the Reformer, Cadillac and Barrels repertoire.

Sessions are held in the comfort of your own home, or in our studio.

Our next Group classes will be in January and have restricted numbers so to confirm your place please contact us on the details below.

For more information please contact Karen on 07944 684232 or fill out our enquiry form