Taking Care of your Mental Health

by karen

Mark Manson wrote that the brain is hard wired to solve problems. It has a need to solve them. Our fight or flight, our gut instincts and our survival all depend on this. We have evolve very successfully due to our brain being the problem solver.

However, we do like order. The brain is comfortable to know what is happening, why and when. The problems come when we have no order. When matters seem to be out of our control and we do not yet have an answer. The brain will start to over think things trying to find a solution. It's normal to feel stress but too much can cause havoc to our bodies and mind affecting our mental health. We can feel anxious because we are unable to find the solution to the problem.

How does anxiety present itself. You may feel sad, anxious at small things, helpless, angry, have outbursts of anger and even frustrated or depressed.

So how can we stop this negative cycle and stop the anxiety??

We can choose what our response is.

Some things we cannot change but we can concentrate on the things that we can. The positives.

Do something that makes you feel good

Drawing, knitting, exercise. Something that makes you laugh, perhaps watch a comedy or an uplifting film.

Think about what is happening right now

Be in the present. If the future makes you feel anxious, think about right now. Look around at all the beauty right NOW.

Get Outdoors & Exercise

Take yourself for a walk in the park or woods. The great outdoors is an amazing mood enhancer. We have some online classes going on if you are unable to get out. LINK HERE


Pick up the phone and talk. Reach out to your friends and family. If you cant talk to them, find someone to talk too.  There IS someone that is willing to listen and care.

Distract yourself.

Painting, colouring, some sort of arts and crafts. Try something new. Something that you enjoy and distracts your brain. Take a epsom salt bath

Be Kind to Yourself

We live very hectic lives and we put so many pressures on ourselves to be perfect. The house has to be perfect. We have to have  perfect kids. STOP, be kind and take some time out.

 Self Care

Take an aromatherapy bath. Paint your nails, colour your hair, exercise do something that makes you feel good about yourself.

Breathing techniques & Meditation

These are amazing tools to help you to relax and de-stress. It can sometimes be difficult to meditate if your brain is working overtime. Allow your brain to wander in and out of thought, this is ok.  Gently return to the meditation when you are ready.

It will pass.

And it will.  Life has a funny way of doing that.

BONUS: Everything comes from the gut. How healthy is your gut? Are you eating well? Are you eating a nutritious diet?

I hope that I have helped you in someway. If you feel the need, please call your GP and have a discussion with him. They are their to help you. Please do not suffer in silence.


Ref: Mark Manson


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