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I went along to the doctors today for a general check up and the doctor took my height, I said "oh I've probably shrunk" she said "Actually NO, you've grown 3cm, how have you done that?"I said "that'll be my PILATES
I've done all sorts of sports before and this is nothing like anything else I've ever done. It's hard but I love it. It makes me feel great afterwards and really helps with my sports"
I’m gonna say thanks* to Adrian Browne PT and Karen Browne for planting this seed of 31 Day madness? I’ll probably be checking in with you both for guidance...?*thanks (I reserve the right to change this to a suitable swear word)..
Karen is the most amazing personal trainer - she is Pilates trained and a black belt in Shaolin Quanshu Kung Fu and the loveliest, most inspirational person you could ever meet. Go and be transformed as she's amazing
2.5 hours of quite demanding exercise and I feel AMAZING!!!! Circuits with Karen;Kungfu with Karen and Adrian.If you're looking for a fitness challenge, I can't recommend them highly enough.Tonight I did a whole bunch of Burpees - I counted 16 in 30 seconds, but I may have missed out number 9, so I'm gonna go with 14, just to be on the safe side. This huge for me - 3 months ago I couldn't manage 5 in 30 seconds

I have lost 6.5 stones with Karen. I can't THANK her enough. She has a very caring approach and never gave up on me. My GAINS: I can now sit in the bath without touching the sides. 3 of us now fit on my sofa and i know overlap on the public transport seats.

I Lost 3.5 Stone with Karen. I thought I could never run but now LOVE IT! She pushed me hard but gave me all the motivation to succeed. Thank you Bodyfaze
I have lost 3.5 stone with Karen for my sons wedding. I cannot tell you how AMAZING I felt on that day. I still train with Karen to maintain my weight. I love all her classes too which give me that extra workout.