Personal Training


Our One to One Personal Training page will give you more details of the type of training you will expect from your Personal Trainer.

Our Philosophy

We see physical training as a means to a lifetime of activity and healthy living and as a means to further the enjoyment and performance in sport.

Bodyfaze is a personal training consultancy established in 1996 by Karen & Adrian Browne
who each have had more than 30 years in sport and experience in the fitness industry,they have a devoted core of clientele, some of whom have been with them for more than 14 years. Others are working towards specific events and goals.

"we find nothing more rewarding than having a client come to us and saying that they have finally been able to walk up a flight of stairs without getting out of breath, that they have had their best skiing or cycling holiday ever or that they have cracked a personal best in a race or won a sporting competition.  For us, making people healthier makes them happier and leads to a better quality of life ..... our reward".

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