What is Pilates?






"you are as young as your spine is flexible"

Joseph Pilates






So what is Pilates?

The more I study and the more I learn, I have come to realise that Pilates is infinite and should be a life long journey. There are always short term gains like with everything, but to really appreciate Pilates you need to give it time and grow with it. Your needs will be the reason you started and will obviously be your focus but over time you will gain other benefits, some subtle and some obvious.  As a fitness professional I ask a lot of my body, sometimes it works just fine, sometimes exceptional but once in a while it rebels and the more I practice Pilates, the rebellion seems less and less.

So what actually is Pilates?

Pilates is a balanced exercise form which offers something for everybody regardless of age or ability.

Pilates works from the Powerhouse outwards using integrated movements connecting all the weaker areas. Therefore the whole body becomes stronger.

Pilates exercises should be performed with the 6 principles in mind which are: Breath, Centering, Control, Concentration, Precision and Flow, these are Joseph Pilates 6 principles of Pilates (his words) but there are so many more benefits as listed below.

They can be very demanding when performed correctly and for this reason there are different levels to suit the individual. Pilates is not necessarily easy! It targets the whole body, improving posture, strengthening, sculpting, stretching, re-aligning, improves flexibility, releasing the body, gives you a better sense of well-being and focuses on correcting any imbalances in the body returning the body to its natural balance.

A little snippet of history

Joseph Pilates was a Cigar smoking boxer, martial artist, acrobat and gymnast. He developed the method (originally called Contrology) using his background knowledge. He was born in the 1920's in Germay but came to England in 1914. When World War 1 broke out, he was interned on the Isle of Man. At the Internment camp he took on the role of a physical instructor teaching his method and beliefs. 

In 1919 he returned to Hamburg and worked as a physical education instructor with the military police. He developed rehabilitation programs for injured inmates. He came to believe there was a common characteristic for all bodies whether an athletes or the ordinary person and that was that with a flexible spine, a strong centre  and integrated strength, the body was young. 

Joseph Pilates  was "30 years ahead of his time" he was an inventor and because of his physique, at the age of 14, he posed for anatomical charts.  

Joseph Pilates original 34 moves in the matwork repertoire, came from his passion, fascination and love of movement and exercise.  He was a keen boxer and martial artist.   The matwork was the original repertoire but Joseph Pilates being an inventor, invented apparatus to enhance the moves.

Pilates has gained respect in the medical profession from Osteopaths and Physiotherapists as a safe but effect exercise and is often used as a rehabilitation tool.

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